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Candle Bar

Candle Bar

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Grab a friend, co-worker, family member and come on down to our candle bar to make your very own candle. A great fun activity to do on your own or with a group. 


You will be able to customize your candle down to the label you put on it. 

We offer our signature candle jars to choose from - 8 oz single wick glass jar ($20/person) and 12 oz double-wicked glass jar ($28/person). 

You also get to choose your scent and will be able to mix to make a custom blend candle. 



We can accomodate larger groups, however, if your group is more than 5 people please call us at (231) 465-4190 to reserve your spot. 



From the time you walk through the door to pouring the candle, the process will take approximately 30 minutes.

Once the candle is poured it will take around 90-120 minutes to solidify. If you want to take the candle home the same day we recommend enjoying some shopping and dining in neighboring businesses until your candle is ready. We are located right downtown Reed City so there is a lot within walking distance. 

Once the candle is poured an additional 2 weeks is needed for the candle to fully cure before lighting for the best results. 

*We can't guarantee Tues-Thurs 1:00 p.m. and Fri-Sat 3 p.m. or later reservations will be able to take their candle home the same day* 


Reservations are recommended but not required. You are able to cancel within 24 hours of your reservation and the full amount will be refunded. If the reservation is cancelled less then 24 hours prior to your reserved time no refund will be given.