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Ocean Driftwood Odor Neutralizing Room Linen Spray 4.5 oz

Ocean Driftwood Odor Neutralizing Room Linen Spray 4.5 oz

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What it does: provides instant odor control with incredible non-toxic fragrance for several hours at a time. The fragrance will last longest when sprayed on fabrics.

How to use it: Spritz room spray as often as desired to enhance your space, or freshen up your favorite linens or clothing. Works great in bathrooms, drawers, campers, vehicles, bedrooms, and so much more! 


  • Net Weight 4.5 oz 
  • Handmade in small batches in Luther, MI 


Scent Notes 

Top: Eucalyptus, Marine, Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves
Middle: Lavender, Sage
Base: Cedar, Amber, Benzoin, Cypress
  • Infused with natural essential oils: orange sweet, eucalyptus, pine, clove bud, guaiacwood, lemon, elemi, galbanum, clary sage, lavandin, olibanum, petitgrain, geranium, cedarwood, and carrot seed.

Scent Description

Indulge in the essence of the ocean with our Ocean Driftwood scented candle, evoking a refreshing and sophisticated blend of wood and nautical allure. Our unique take on the classic lavender scent infuses it with masculine notes of cypress, cedar, and amber for a truly luxurious and exclusive experience.


  • Water
  • Natural Odor Counteractants
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Clean Fragrance Oil (Free from phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance)
  • Bottle is made with PET recyclable plastic