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Watermelon Soy Wax Blend Scented Candle | Summer Candle | Non-toxic | Handmade

Watermelon Soy Wax Blend Scented Candle | Summer Candle | Non-toxic | Handmade

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Scent Notes

Top: Honeydew Melon
Middle: Watermelon
Base: Sugar

Infused with natural essential oils: Gurnjun Balsam


Indulge in the essence of summer as the alluring scent of freshly cut watermelon fills the air. Let our Watermelon transports you back to carefree childhood days, savoring the juicy sweetness of the fruit after a day of play. With a bright top note of honeydew melon, a classic touch is added to this fragrance, while a strong middle note of watermelon adds an authentic appeal. The base note of sugar rounds out this realistic aroma, heightening its sweetness.

Net Weight - 12 oz

Made in Luther, MI


- All-natural blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax

-100% cotton wicks

- Clean Fragrance (free from phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, and other harmful toxins often found in home fragrance products).

Burn Time

Approximately 60 hours depending on usage


Where are the candles made?  Our candles are handmade in Luther, MI in a small non-commercial studio. 

Are these candles made in small batches? Yes, all our candles are hand-poured in small batches and checked for quality assurance. 

Do the candles give off black soot? No, they will not give off black soot as long as the wicks are properly trimmed. 

Do the candles burn evenly? Yes! We pride ourselves in providing clean, even-burning candles for you to enjoy in your space with ease of mind!

Does the scent last through the entire life of the candle? Yes, we use quality fragrances in our candles that last until the very last burn!

Is there anything I can do to make my candle last longer? Yes, follow our candle care instructions by clicking here.